Close Encounters. May 2, 2014 at Bankstown Arts Centre, Sydney

Close Encounters - Bankstown Arts Centre

8 artists share their own take on ‘Close Encounters’. 

Whether it means Fadle El Harris’ close encounter with racism in the Australian outback, Adam Hatzimanolis’ encounter with the ghosts of Tesla and Einstein, Gemma Quilty’s encounter with her 100 year old neighbour, or Phil Soliman’s close encounter with his grandmother, these artists invite you to think about what closeness means in 2014.

Arrive at 7pm sharp and don’t miss out on the free Egyptian soul food with your $10 entry.

Proudly supported by Bankstown Arts CentreUrban Theatre Projects &Bankstown Youth Development Service

Works exhibited

Phil Soliman - How to be a good Egyptian
How to be a good Egyptian