An almost vertical ascent


These drawings are created on either an iPad, or through the use of a digital pen and tablet connected to a desktop computer. The peculiar way the technology “interprets” the semi-automatic gestures of my hand gives the drawings a slightly artificial feel, which contrasts noticeably with the deeply personal subject matter. These images, which are at once specific and generic, allow points of connection for the viewer and form a dense and intimate narrative.

I’m currently preoccupied with ideas of guilt, ‘truth’ and belief, sexual and social identity in the context of a strict religious upbringing, and my responsibility as an artist to myself and society at large. Much of my work arises from a complex and consuming relationship with live and recorded music, and other ‘sublime’ experiences that bypass the logic and rationalism of the everyday world, and open up sensual engagement with the universe and its inhabitants.

An almost vertical ascent refers to a recurrent dream in which I am in a vehicle of some kind as it makes its slow and precarious ascent up a winding, almost vertical road. The fear and anxiety that comes with each iteration of this dream, coupled with an uncertain sense that the journey will have a safe and successful conclusion, are a fitting analogue of the last 12 months following my return to Sydney after a two year stint in Melbourne. This year has proved to be a challenge in terms of maintaining an artistic career alongside full-time work as a commercial digital film editor and motion graphics designer. These drawings provided a creative and emotional release that was essential to my mental well-being. The exhibition title also carries connotations of freedom of movement, travel and metaphysical themes.